I found an interesting post today by Eric Hill . It peeked my interest, so I also read a sample of his Personal Leadership Plan. It reminded me of chapter 10 of Monday Morning Mentoring, an excellent foundation book about leadership. I don’t have a leadership plan, but I do maintain a spreadsheet of yearly goals going back to 2004, a separate tab for each year allows me to look back and take note of my progress. In it I have 3 goal categories; Business/Career, Financial and Personal Growth/Relationships. 

After reading Eric’s post, I’m considering setting a goal of creating a personal leadership plan for myself as improving in that area is my #1 personal development goal at work. As for the reason why I titled this post as I did, in the short time of 6 days of bloging, I’ve come across at least 3 posts that have inspired me; and that is way cool. 


Its late Friday, well actually its 12:43am Saturday. I haven’t posted in a couple of days, Wednesday was V Day and Thursdays I have 3 hours of Krav Maga,  from this  school and when I’m done, I feel like I got hit by a mack truck (but I love it). I do it for the cardio workouy and the skills learned is a bounus. My dad has a couple of black belts, so my brother and I have always been intrested in martial arts.  I’ve been in many dust-ups over the years, some from just hangin’ out but most were the result of a security job I had while in college. I’m 6’6″ and 235 so most people won’t want to fight me anyway, but if I do get into it with somebody, I want to win, even if the other person has a weapon. 

Tonight I went to the movies to see Norbit, so I got home late. That movie was crazy, it was funny, but I don’t think I like all of the sterotypes of black folks that can be found in the film. Anyway…I have a lot to write about, I just don’t feel like writing now. I’ll post some stuff over the weekend.

Tonight I spent a few hours trolling the web to find potential advertisers for the site as well as sites that I can become an affiliate of. I was thinking today that I need the site to be more than just a social networking site. I want people to be there for a particular purpose and maybe the networking part is a bonus.

So what do I do, do I have a motorcycle accessory store, with social networking features. I had thought about this before, but after reading an article titled A Taxonomy of Social Networks? on GIGOM.com by Liz Gannes it hit home to me that i need to crank it up a notch. I still don’t know what that looks like yet, but I’ll come up with something.

I also spent some time getting the hosting stuff worked out. It’s getting late so I don’t think I’m going to do anything else tonight. Over the next couple of days I need to keep working on laying out the site while I finalize what I’m going to do with it…lol 

So I talked about the Reddot project I’m working on, now let me describe some other things that I’m doing. On Sept 23 2006 I wrote out a plan to start a collection of internet properties. I compare it to the real estate investor that has portfolio of properties.  The investor goes out and buys properties or build them, sell them or rents them out or some combination there off.

Well I’m doing the same thing with internet sites. I’ll start up some sites focusing on very niche markets, start with 1, build up users and start another one using the lessons learned from the previous one and repeat until I have enough sites to generate the type of cash flow that I’m looking for. The cash flow will come from advertising and maybe some merchandise or affiliate income.

So this week, I’ve been starting to implement that plan. I started designing the site, laying it out like I want. I did a little bit of research on how to market it. I also set up the hosting account. I already own the domain name, in fact last sept and Oct I registered about 8 domain names thinking about the types of sites I wanted to run.I plan on doing some more work tonight on it. I’ll keep you guess updated. 

So let me start catching you guys up. I’m not going to spend too much time talking about my past businesses, but understand that things that I learned in all of my preceding ventures has prepared me for what I’m trying to do now. I’ve learned from the many mistakes I’ve made as well as from some of the stuff I did well.

So last spring(06′) I called a couple of my frat brothers and said there is no reason why we can’t pool some of our mental and financial resources and start something great. So after a series of phone calls and meetings, we settled on a social networking business. Yada Yada Yada we got the site up and running did a little guerilla marketing and we were off.  There was a bit of conflict, one of the 3 partners really wasn’t feeling the direction we were taking, myself and the other guy were in agreements as the direction was what we had planed from the beginning. So long story short the tired guy kinda’ faded away, that left me and AT to handle things. So after about 8 months of works and me thinking about this. I told AT we need to go in a different direction. The site wasn’t growing, we hadn’t had a new member in months, the site content had gotten stale, and the level of effort we put in dropped of dramatically.I told AT that we need to focus on a much more narrow niche for the site. Come up with something that the big guys are not doing and that smaller rivals hadn’t tapped into yet either.

It is during this mental process time that I started having discussions with an Attorney turned film maker. We 1st talked during the Christmas season of 06′. But is a conversation in mid January that we came up with the idea for a new project for reddotnetwork.com. The concept was awesome in its simplicity and potentail.

So that’s where I find myself today. Working with AT and Lee on reluanching the site not as a social networking site, but as a destination for users to watch compelling content featuring entertainers. Its a destination site with very targeted content but with appeal to a pretty wide audience. My main concern about this venture is that I don’t know Lee, I know people that know him, which is how we started talking. I heard about things that he was doing just as he heard of things that I was doing.  A mutual friend let me know that he was interested in discussing business opportunities and it went from there. Any way, I don’t know him, so I can’t say that I trust him. I don’t have a reason not too, but business partnerships can go real bad real fast, so I’m a little weary.

I guess that enough for tonight. Nect time I’ll talk about some other projects that I’m working on…

I’m new to blogging, well I should say that I’m new to writing my own blog. I read about 10 blogs a day. My favorites bloggers are Micheal Arington, Fred Wilson, Guy Kawasaki, Don MacAskill and a few others(i gotta find some black guys to read). I get most of my world news via the BBC blog. So suffice it to say that I’m not new to the blogosphere.


I’m a 33 year old Software Development Manager living in Dallas, newly relocated from Detroit where I was born and raised.


I like my job and career ok, but I consider myself a scared entrepreneur at heart. What does that mean? Well that means that I’ve started and ran several business, but always in addition to a full time job. I’ve been too scared to dive in head 1st. I use the excuse that I have a family to take care of and other responsibilities, but the real deal is that I’ve been afraid to take that leap into full scale entrepreneurisum.


So instead I just dabble with my side hustles, some have been very lucrative..to the tune of high six figure incomes, but every time i get to the cross roads of do I quit my job to take this business to the next level. I always chicken out.  But I’m sick of going out like a punk. I’m ready to tell corporate
America to kiss my ass.


So I’m going to use this blog to document my journey from the rat race to full time entrepreneur. I’m late as the journey has already started, but I’ll try to back track as much as I can. Please feel free to follow along, give advice, call me a dumb ass when I deserve it or just hang out.