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The last time I wrote I talked about how I need to get started with marketing. Well I’m doing that. Here is what I’ve done so far.

  1. Paid search – I have 3 AdWords ads going. My CTR is really bad (.11 for the overall campaign .21 for my pics ads .08 for my video ad), so I have some tuning to do, but the adds are getting traffic to the site. I think the bigger issue is that my conversion rate is low. Meaning that I get plenty of lurkers, but not many people signing up. I need to address that. I’m doing some heatmap analysis using so once I have a good chunk of data I might redesign the site to convert better.
  2. Organic search – I’ve used LoudLaunch and PayPerPost to get a few links to my site as well as some positive posts. I need to step this up quite a bit and focuse more on increasing backlinks. To help this, I’ve joined a lot of forums and I’ve been trying to post regularly with my url in my signature.
  3. I’m also working on a press release, but that has been slow going
  4. I’ve also been doing very limited emailing blasts to known sportbike fans inviting them to check out the site.

As of now I have 28 registered members and I average about 525 unique users per day. So to sum it up, I’m making progress albeit slow. Wish me luck