I’ve just been busy tinkering with the site. Yeah I know I said i was done, but there were a few things I needed to tweak. I read some where that you don’t want to blow your marketing wad on a ghost site. So I had to beef up the content, get a few more members and oh…completely redo my home page.

I had to up the anti with the benefits of using http://www.cycleheadab.com there are sooo many bike sites out there, that I had to do something to stand out beside the technology that I use to run my site. The tech can easily be copied, heck, the contest idea i came up can be too, but I had to do something. The difference is that is not a one time contest. The whole site resolves around contest and community involvement is focused on using the social network to enter and vote in these contests.

I know that Mark Flecther of Bloglines fame stated in a thread on his fourm at startupping that your never really ready for that 1st launch, but you have to do it. The sooner you take that giant step the sooner you’ll start getting users and feedback from them so you can make improvements as well as start growing. So with all of that said, I’m as ready as I’m going to be. Tonight after work, (yes I’m blogging at work) I’ll put all of my marketing ideas on paper, start defining and refining that plan so that i can put it to action.

I feel good about the site, I just have to market it. This is where my personality gets in the way. I’d much rather stay behind the scenes and make stuff go, but I need to be out front on this marketing thing. So after a couple of false starts.. Here I go!!!