My 1st of many(hopefully) niche site is ready to launch. I’ve spent the last few days tieing up lose ends and making tweaks. The site looks great if I do say so myself.

So as of today its finished. I’ve set up all of my ad networks and campaigns. I’m using google adsense and adbrite. I’m using amazon and for affiliates.

Next up is marketing and PR. I think I’ll do something on PRWire, I need to start hittin’ the blog circuit and of course I’ll get out there and hit the streets. Maybe I can even put together a mini street team.

The past few days have been exciting as I finished up the site and started thinking about how to get the word out. I’m excited, but also a bit nervous as getting and keeping users is the most challenging aspect of this entire project. Here is where I’ll bust my chops. But I’m confident that I’ll be able to get users to the site and keep them intrested. But time will tell. Check out the site sometime.