I spent at least 10 hours on the laptop yesterday testing and playing with the technical infrastructure options for the Reddot relaunch. I tinkered with bright cove and adbrite. 

 Brightcove.com is an internet TV platform that provides all of the tools needed to set-up a media website with pay per play and advertisers.  Adbrite is more of an ad platform, they focus much more on the advertising end and provide the tools to help present and manage your advertising campaigns.  

I want to try NBCC.com as well but I’m already sold on brightcove. They meet all of our needs and including hosting of the files. With adbrite, you have to host the files someplace else. That means another system to use and manage. NBCC.com is more of a broker so we can use them as an additional source of ad revenue.I spent the most time on brightcove. I created a channel, 2 players and put 2 test pages on the Reddot website. The brightcove console is a bit slow, but overall, it’s a simple system to use.

This flurry of activity stemmed from a conference call I had with the 2 partners on this project. I agreed to have a proof of concept up by Wednesday. The call went ok, but I’m not too sure about the guys. AT is working on his MBA and getting his career on track so he doesn’t have a lot of time to comment. Lee is looking for a full-time job since his biggest investor of Corner Boy films backed out.  I’m concerned completeing the work that needs to get done. But I guess we’ll see how it goes.