I found an interesting post today by Eric Hill . It peeked my interest, so I also read a sample of his Personal Leadership Plan. It reminded me of chapter 10 of Monday Morning Mentoring, an excellent foundation book about leadership. I don’t have a leadership plan, but I do maintain a spreadsheet of yearly goals going back to 2004, a separate tab for each year allows me to look back and take note of my progress. In it I have 3 goal categories; Business/Career, Financial and Personal Growth/Relationships. 

After reading Eric’s post, I’m considering setting a goal of creating a personal leadership plan for myself as improving in that area is my #1 personal development goal at work. As for the reason why I titled this post as I did, in the short time of 6 days of bloging, I’ve come across at least 3 posts that have inspired me; and that is way cool.