Let me take some time to clarifying what I’m doing and the projects that I’m working on. I’m employed, so I go to work Mon-Fri. After work, I work on my own projects.

1- I’m planning on relaunching reddotnetwork.com, a niche social networking site that never took off. The plan is to relaunch it as a destination for unique content about entertainers. Revenue will come form subscriptions, sponsors and advertising. I have 2 partners on this project.

2 – My 2nd project which I fly solo involves creating a portfolio of very niche social media properties. This is more of a long shot, but it’s not going to take much investment and the goal is to generate a small but steady cash flow from each via advertising and affiliate income.  

3? – Is something that I thought about while in the shower today. It’s not a project yet, but it’s an idea that I’m kicking around. Selling end to end software platform to instructors that allows them to provide instructional video online via paid subscriptions. I would play more of a system integrator role here. Its easy from the technical side, the biggest challenge I see is in the sales area. This project would be all about salesmanship. Getting people like personal trainers and dance instructors to buy-in to the fact that they can grow their client base and increase income by simply filming what their already doing, putting it online and marketing it.