So I talked about the Reddot project I’m working on, now let me describe some other things that I’m doing. On Sept 23 2006 I wrote out a plan to start a collection of internet properties. I compare it to the real estate investor that has portfolio of properties.  The investor goes out and buys properties or build them, sell them or rents them out or some combination there off.

Well I’m doing the same thing with internet sites. I’ll start up some sites focusing on very niche markets, start with 1, build up users and start another one using the lessons learned from the previous one and repeat until I have enough sites to generate the type of cash flow that I’m looking for. The cash flow will come from advertising and maybe some merchandise or affiliate income.

So this week, I’ve been starting to implement that plan. I started designing the site, laying it out like I want. I did a little bit of research on how to market it. I also set up the hosting account. I already own the domain name, in fact last sept and Oct I registered about 8 domain names thinking about the types of sites I wanted to run.I plan on doing some more work tonight on it. I’ll keep you guess updated.